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The last time I was in NYC I was on a business trip. After working a tradeshow I hooked up with a colleague (Hi Mike!) to grab a bite to eat. Mike is a New Yorker, he likes to eat, and he knows I love good food. His suggestion – Umami Burger.

Umami Burger is an American restaurant chain that specializes in serving burgers. Their burgers are infused with secret ingredients with umami properties, a flavor that falls outside of the traditionally accepted tastes of salty, sweet, bitter and sour. The restaurant chain was founded by Adam Fleishman. The first location opened in LA in 2009 and since then Umami Burgers have branches in California, Florida and NYC.

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Burger stamped with a “U”

What a cool place. When Umami Burger first opened in NYC in July 2013, people were waiting up to 3 hours just to get a seat, now the wait is around 45 minutes and TOTALLY worth it. It is a simple menu made up of, fries, fried pickles, burgers and beers.

I ordered the Truffle Burger –  (truffle glaze, truffle cheese, and a slather of roasted-garlic aioli)…OMG It was DELISH. The meat is freshly ground Wagyu beef formed into loose six-ounce patties, then sandwiched into brioche-like buns branded with the letter “U.” Upon ordering they ask if I would like my burger cooked medium rare. For those of you who know me, I eat my steak blue…but a burger I need it well done. I just cannot eat a blood red burger patty. Cooked well, the burger patty was still juicy.


Sauces, Fries and Pickles

The truffle fries (something I had never seen before) are pretty tasty, as are the fried pickles. They offer up 4 different types of sauces to go with them too. What goes better with a burger? A Beer or two. They offer a large selection of craft beers. The prices are very reasonable at Umami Burger. Burgers range from ($11-$15 dollars). For us, 2 burgers, 3 beers and 2 appetizers came to 76$.

I can’t wait to get back to NYC just to eat at Umami Burger. Awesome burgers.

I am a girl who loves food. I grew up with a Mom who was an excellent cook. She wrote a cookbook when I was a child, and as they say, the rest is history. Started a catering business in 2005 and haven’t looked back. I am a mom to 2 beautiful girls and I want them to love food as much as I do. In the meantime, I love life and love my job @ http://www.monicaskitchen.com