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Joel and I popped into Central Bierhaus last night for a bite to eat. What a transformation from the old O’Connors! I love it. Maybe that’s the German in me, but it reminds me of German Brauhaus. The only thing missing is the girls in dirndls.



They have been open 3 weeks now and are still having a few growing pains in the kitchen but otherwise it was a smooth experience.

When you sit down they greet you with “Das Bier Buch” (English translation The Beer Book). They have so many beers to choose from it is unreal. I ordered a Stiegl Radler (my new favorite summer beer) and Joel got a Stiegl.

We started off with raw oysters and they were delish! They have a number of different east coast varieties (King Kong, Raspberry Points, Malpeques, and many more) It is nice to have a place in the west end of Ottawa that servers oysters. Another recommendation for you, around the bar they have smoked Hungarian sausages in containers that are 4$ a piece. I highly recommend getting a smoked sausage with your beer. They are salty and smoky and pair perfectly with it.


Raw Oysters

For dinner we order the Augus Burger which was recommended by our server and some mussels. The mussels were ok. I wouldn’t order them again. They were missing flavor and they were over cooked. The burger was amazing. I haven’t had a burger this good since I visit Umami Burger in NYC last fall. The Angus Burger is served on a brioche bun and topped with smoked cheddar, applewood bacon, caramelized onion aioli and your standard lettuce, tomato, pickle. It was so juicy. It comes with a small salad and french fries. I will 100% order it again and I invite all of you to order it as well.


Angus Burger assembly


For 4 beers, a smoked sausage, a burger, mussels and oysters the bill was 124$ with tip. I can’t wait to go back.

Check it out today! 


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