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I’m going to apologize in advance to everyone who is going to see me in a swimsuit this summer. Today I discovered a little Parisian patisserie that is officially going to throw a wrench into my beach body… but I have come to terms with it and I hope you can too.

La Maison Du Kouign-Amann (a mouthful… for time saving purposes lets just call it La Maison) just opened up in the Kanata North BIA in March 2017. It is located conveniently across the street from Greco Kanata North and in the same plaza as ProStyle Martial Arts and Fitness.

Fran Jung is the owner of this fine establishment and she is the one responsible for baking these authentic french delicious delicacies.

People… let me introduce you to the most amazing buttery morsel I have ever eaten…. the “Kouign-Amann” (insert hallelujah emoji).  It is an amazing small buttery pastry that originated in Brittany, France. It is crispy and caramelized on the outside, yet tender and soft on the inside. To make it even more delectable, drizzle with salted caramel and devour. It is Heaven on earth! Fran supplies over 35 little shops in Ottawa with these delights. To serve them perfectly heat them in a 350 degree oven for 3 minutes or in a pinch in a microwave for 15 seconds or in a pinch, don’t heat them at all… I didn’t and it still rocked.

La Maison sells out almost daily so if you miss out, you can buy other goodies like mini cakes, and mini tarts, quiches, sandwiches, the list is endless.

A box of 5 was ~ 12$ and well worth it. I can’t wait to go back next week!

For the love of tasty food.

Monica xo